about us


Company mission


To be an easy and friendly company to deal with, understanding the frustrations and vagaries of business travel and to give our clients simple, quick and efficient solutions to their business travel requirements.

  • Our clients are an extension of our own families and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their comfort, safety and happiness.


  • Our employees are provided a safe and pleasant working environment in which they can grow and feel valued for their contributions.


  • Together, we have and continue to strive to be a pillar of our community - setting a precedent for an honest, fair and environmentally sustainable business


Company activities


Our Travel Consultants are all fully trained in providing the following services:


  • Flight Reservations

Good Choice offers cost effective flight reservations to all destinations. Preference for any particular airline is of course taken into consideration whenever reservations are made.


  • Car Hire

Good Choice is an agent for a number of internationally recognized car rental companies. A mutually beneficial relationship exists with several companies with special rates which are passed onto our clients. However, should the customer prefer any other car rental company, Good Choice will oblige.




  • Visas

We sub contract a visa service through a specialist company. We can obtain visas in return for a small fee.


  • Airline Loyalty

Incentives earned through airline programs are passed onto the clients. Good Choice would like to ensure that all travelers are in possession of the royalty programs with the airlines. For business class travels, Good Choice ensures the usage of airport lounges to make all clients’ trip as comfortable as humanly possible.


  • Hotel Reservations

All the major international hotel groups’ corporate rates are available to our clients. Depending on the client’s specific corporate policy and ‘bed night’ volume, more advantageous rates can be negotiated